Qui’Anna’s Graduation


Qui'Anna Davis, resident of Margare't House and WLC participantQui’Anna Davis at the Women’s Learning Center graduation ceremony June 2015.

I didn’t see it some time ago
Me standing here right now,
That took time and growth

Determination and preparation
The drive to not give up
Situation after situation
I choose not to stay stuck

Me graduating,
I knew I was capable of doing it
I can do anything I put my mind to
Today I proved it

I have a little girl who looks up to me
Failure is not an option, and that’s more than fine
Because this road to success that I’ve been on
Have no stop signs

St. Mary’s Women’s Learning Center
Thank you for this experience
With the help from you guys
I took my education way more serious

With support from my grandma, auntie
Staff, boyfriend, friends and family friends, too
With me now a mother
It made handling my business easier to do

With goals still to reach
And journeys still to come
I’ve finally completed a goal and journey
Both in one

It doesn’t stop here
There’s no room for pause
This has been worth it
Hard work pays off

-Qui’Anna Davis, resident of Margaret’s House and Women’s Learning Center participant

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