Mission Moments

St. Mary’s Center is often praised for its strong reputation and success rate, as well as the resilient families served. To truly comprehend the courage and strength of the families, read the stories yourself from our very own women.

Below are some of the impressive and measurable outcomes of a few of our programs.

  • 99% of families have successfully transitioned from Margaret’s House to affordable housing where they maintain stable lives in their new homes.
  • 70% of Women@Work Plus employment training graduates are in permanent jobs.

flower and girl

“When I think of St Mary’s Center, I think of the process of growing a beautiful flower. You need a pot, soil, a seed, water, and sunlight. St. Mary’s Center is the pot, and I’m the seed…

Today, I have blossomed into a strong, independent Mother. Without my flower pot, my soil, my water, and my Sun that is St. Mary’s Center— my own growing process would have been rough, but instead I have grown. I only wish that others can blossom as beautifully as me. I’m confident that with the wisdom I took with me shall forever shine inside my heart, and I thank St Mary’s Center for taking the time to care for a seed like me.”


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