John M. Corcoran Award for Excellence

John M. Corcoran

The late John M. Corcoran, a real estate developer and founding member of St. Mary’s Board of Trustees, was a guiding force in the organization’s early years. He set a standard of compassion, excellence, and dedication, and every year we recognize individuals like him with the John M. Corcoran Award for Excellence and inspire others to model John’s legacy of helping those less fortunate.

Award Criteria

The Corcoran Award recognizes an individual who possesses John’s remarkable traits and in his image creates critical and meaningful change. The Corcoran Award Advisory Board reviews nominations and selects the individual or organization who demonstrates engagement in truly critical work and is exceptional in their dedication. Honorees embody the following characteristics:

  • Dedication: tirelessly committed to a cause, charitable organization, or social movement
  • Selflessness: contributes his/her expertise, time, and resources to the greater good regardless of personal gain
  • Engagement: assumes a hands‐on approach out of a personal investment in the work
  • Innovation: identifies needs and envisions solutions or alternatives to address them
  • Determination: not only funds or leads an organization or project but drives it with unwavering conviction
  • Strategic: seeks opportunities that produce holistic, authentic change ‐ not “quick fixes”
  • Compassion: feels a responsibility to contribute to society and better the lives of his/her fellow citizens

John M. Corcoran Award for Excellence Advisory Board

Stephen J. Casey±
Joseph E. Corcoran±
P. Leo Corcoran±
Sr. Theresa Corcoran±
Thomas Corcoran
Peter Karoff±
John Keith
Peter Meade
Rev. J. Donald Monan±
Joyce Murphy
Jack Shaughnessy, Sr. ±
Arthur Winn

Corcoran Award Recipients

2021 – Martin J. Walsh

2020 – William Gross

2019 – Emil Frei

2018 – Joyce A. Murphy

2017 – Rev. Liz Walker

2016 – Lorrie Higgins

2015 – Angela Menino and AGC MA

2014 – State Street Corporation
2013 – Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts
2012 – Kathleen McGillicuddy and Corcoran Management Company
2011 – Carol Fulp
2010 – Carolyn A. Lynch±
2009 – Hubie Jones, John Keith, and Arthur Winn
2008 – A. Raymond Tye± and Father Bill McCarthy

2007 – Thomas J. White± and Joia Mukherjee, M.D.
2006 – Jack Shaughnessy, Sr.±
2005 – Don Rodman


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