How to Fundraise for The Ride

How to Raise $1500


Give to yourself first – Donate $50 or more to yourself to demonstrate to your commitment to St. Mary’s Center and the Ride.


2016 Rodman Ride for Kids (photo credit: Rodman Ride for Kids)
2016 Rodman Ride for Kids (photo credit: Rodman Ride for Kids)

Find Your Connection – Schedule a tour of St. Mary’s Center programs so you can talk about why the cause is important to you. In the meantime, visit St. Mary’s Center for Women and Children’s website ( and learn more about the life-changing programs and to read stories from people who have participated in St. Mary’s programs.


Engage Your Network – Ask members of your family [Mom, Dad, Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Siblings, Cousins] to donate.


Social_Media_Fundrising_SupportLink Up on Social Media – Share news about your commitment to the Rodman Ride and raising money for St. Mary’s Center, tell your friends why you are riding. (Hint: to help children living and learning at St. Mary’s Center.)


Tag St. Mary’s Center and/or Rodman Ride for Kids in your post to demonstrate validity as well as your personalized fundraising page provided to you upon registering.  Don’t forget to post photos whenever you are going on a training ride, picking up your bike, wearing your bike helmet/shorts, etc.


Fundraise at Work – Ask your colleagues to support you by donating. Consider making a sign at your desk or cube saying, “ask me what I am doing on Sept. 23rd?” Tell them you are riding [25/50/100] miles to benefit St. Mary’s Center for Women and Children and ask if they would consider donating.

  • Ask your workplace if you can host a jeans day at work. Your colleagues can make a $10 donation to wear jeans.
  • Buy a box of coffee/donuts and have people at your work donate $5 for a cup of coffee/donut.
  • Next time someone asks you, “what’s new?” Tell them you are training for a charity bike ride. You know the rest…


Get Creative It’s Party Time

  • Host a pizza party/movie night in your home invite friends and ask them to donate in support of your efforts on the Rodman Ride.
  • Host a gathering at a local bar or restaurant and ask the owner if you can charge a $10 cover at the door for the charity or at least your group. Check in with staff and ask they will donate free appetizers for your group if you can get a certain number of people to come for the evening.
  • Raise more money by hosting a game at the party were people buy a chance to play/participate. The winner gets a fun prize or half of the prize money, the Ride/St. Mary’s Center gets the other half.  Games could be anything from heads and tails, musical chairs, 50/50, etc.
  • Gym member? Ask staff at the fitness facility if you can host a charity workout led by a trainer and ask participating members to donate toward your efforts.


Need More Tips? Resources Below


Questions? Contact Rachel Spero, Development Assistant, at 617-436-8600 ext. 238 or at

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