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The Center Campaign

A Community Resource Center at St. Mary’s Center for Women and Children

In 2017 we launched the Center Campaign to build the new Community Resource Center kicked off by a million-dollar match gift challenge from Amazon. We not only met the challenge, we exceeded it– raising $2.2 million. We are a third of the way toward completing the Center Campaign, and Amazon gave us a $250,000 match gift challenge. Once again, you can double your gift by making a gift to St. Mary’s Center.

Join us in strengthening our community by giving to the Community Resource Center.





for those who come to St Mary’s Center for Women and Children there is HOPE.

At St. Mary’s Center for Women and Children we are working to address the challenges of poverty, homelessness, trauma, and abuse. We help empower women to move beyond their present circumstances and build lives that are sustainable for themselves and for their children.

Our focus is on the individual. We provide wrap-around assistance: housing, job training and employment, parent education, and emotional supports – a one stop-shop for people who are experiencing homelessness or those at risk of becoming homeless.

Our goal is to stabilize families who have experienced homelessness or are at risk of being homeless with high-quality, caring services with our proven success at ending the cycle of homelessness, one family at a time. 

Future Community Resource Center

In order to expand our reach in the community we have launched The Center Campaign to fund our Community Resource Center a place where individuals and families can receive services and counsel before they become homeless, so we may ultimately prevent it.

The Community Resource Center builds on our 25 years of expertise in providing stability and support to people experiencing financial hardship, domestic and community violence, trauma, substance use disorders, and legal and immigration concerns. The new building on our site – will address the increased demand for our expertise and services.

The statistics are grim. Overall, the City of Boston has seen a 5.6% increase in homeless men, women, and children. A high concentration of this homeless population is from the Dorchester, Mattapan, and Roxbury neighborhoods. The number of homeless families has increased 25%, and a high percentage of homeless families are headed by single women. Twenty-one percent of all Boston residents live below the Federal poverty level. Equally troubling, is well over 25% of Dorchester, Mattapan, and Roxbury residents 18 years of age and older, do not have a high-school diploma or equivalent.

Our approach:

During our 25 years of providing evidence-based support we have found that if an individual, particularly a single mother has the 3’E’s – emotional well-being, education and employment, she can lift an entire family out of poverty.

A new Community Resource Center on the St. Mary’s Center Campus in Dorchester

The possibilities are endless – the outcome a certainty. Everyone has a role in ending homelessness.  Together we will change lives. By working with families, we can help them gain the skills they need to lift themselves and their families out of poverty.

The Community Resource Center will allow us to expand our reach beyond our current clients to partners across the city and to families throughout the community who desperately need our help.

A new building will provide essential space to accomplish these goals.  It will be a gathering, sharing and learning space with offices for counseling and meeting space for group sessions and trainings. Providing a spectrum of essential services and resources. Providing a home for our Community Resource work — to bring together under one roof the services people need. The Community Resource Center will increase access to services for an underserved population.   

Everyone has a role in ending homelessness. 

Together we will change lives for generations.

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