Collaborative Partners

St. Mary’s Center’s 120,000-square-foot campus is the focal point of expert services, committed partners, and supportive collaborators, all working together to create opportunities for women and children to transform every aspect of their lives. In addition to the Center’s eight programs, we have strategically convened a collaborative network of service providers on and outside our campus, to ensure that families living in poverty have easy access to the quality services needed as they create pathways out of poverty.

“St. Mary’s Center has helped me in many ways while letting me be myself, including helping me get back on track with my life, becoming more social, to be more open-minded all while learning new skills.” —Marlena Woodliff, W@W+ Graduate


BOSTON HEALTH CARE FOR THE HOMELESS provides on-site clinical and preventive health care to St. Mary’s Center families through the services of a nurse practitioner. Health Care for the Homeless is committed to ensuring the highest quality of health care to Boston’s homeless adults and families.

HEALTHWORKS COMMUNITY FITNESS manages an on-site, community-based fitness center for residents, students, employees, and neighbors who qualify. It offers free access to cardiovascular and strength training equipment, group exercise classes, and wellness coaching.

HORIZONS FOR HOMELESS CHILDREN operates a Community Children’s Center at St. Mary’s Center, providing comprehensive, full-time early care and education for homeless children, and support services to their families.

PHOENIX FAMILIES provides women overcoming substance abuse, and their children, with a warm and welcoming haven at St. Mary’s Center as they transition to safe, sustainable housing and achieve economic independence.

PROJECT HOPE, a multiservice, Dorchester-based agency, collaborates with St. Mary’s Center and Small Can Be Big on an innovative pilot program to support vulnerable families and young people through education, training, and employment services.

Roxbury Community College provides Women@Work Plus trainees and graduates with free college credit courses through the Career Pathways programs on the college’s campus.  The preliminary course Introduction to College is designed to create academic and employment opportunities for low-skilled adult students by offering career guidance and information technology courses.

UPHAMS CORNER RESIDENTIAL and St. Mary’s Center have partnered and created 47 units of affordable housing in the Uphams Corner neighborhood of Dorchester for families that are homeless or at risk of homelessness.

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