Addressing Challenging Times in Our Community

Commitment. Hope. Empathy. Respect. Inclusion. Support. Humanity. These are St. Mary’s Center’s core values. As we face these difficult and uncertain times in our country, our values are what sustain us and our mission—to partner with each and every person who crosses our path, no matter where the journey began.


The families we serve in our eight residential, education, and employment programs come to the Center to make a change in their lives that begins with finding shelter, attaining a high school diploma, gaining job training, and addressing trauma and abuse. Like most of us, our families can trace their family’s origins to other countries.

St. Mary’s Center serves those seeking what we call the three “e’s”—emotional well-being, education, and employment. These are the building blocks to a brighter future.

If someone is in need and undocumented, we will serve them. We will protect them. We will stand up for them. Throughout our 24-year history, we have done so, and we always will. And it is in times like these that we look to strong leadership to guide us through difficult circumstances. Our mayor, Marty Walsh, has been a stalwart supporter of our mission, and of all residents in the city of Boston, regardless of their background or country of origin.


St. Mary’s Center’s dedicated staff work tirelessly with all of the families we serve. For families who are undocumented, we make sure they know their rights, we reassure them the best we can by providing a safe home and learning environment, and we assist them in preparing and documenting children who were born here should their parents be detained or deported. Families are afraid. Many refuse to leave our campus for any reason. It is indeed a very difficult time.


We will continue to partner with our families as they depend on us. We depend on you. We are grateful for your support and joining us in treating every member of our community with respect.


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