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For more information about any of our programs, please contact:

Education and Employment Department
St. Mary’s Center for Women and Children
90 Cushing Ave., Dorchester, MA 02125
Phone: 617-436-8600 ext. 341
Fax: 617-436-5066

Meet the Team!

Betty Sanchez, Administrative Assistant – Email – Phone: 617-436-8600 ext. 341

About Me: I was born and raised in Boston, and I’m a mother of two beautiful daughters. I have about 15 years of Administrative Assistant experience. I earned my GED from St. Mary’s Center for Women and Children in 2015 and took every opportunity to volunteer and get involved. While taking classes I got to know a lot about the different programs that we offer and fell in love with the agency. I felt the urge to apply for a position, because I knew I wanted to be a part of this amazing place in our community. I’m very happy to say that I am currently the Administrative Assistant in the Education and Employment Program at St. Mary’s Center.

Paula Murphy, Adult Education Instructor – Email – Phone: 617-436-8600 ext. 277

About Me: Hi! My name is Paula Murphy and I have been in the field of education for over 15 years. I teach science, social studies and reading comprehension. Along with teaching I was also a part-time newspaper reporter several years ago. I received my Master’s in Education from Lesley University, and I am committed to helping students achieve their maximum potential by differentiating instruction and using multi- sensory interactive learning strategies and techniques. I have a positive demeanor, am enthusiastic, and I never give up. I consider myself compassionate and I integrate creative strategies to supervise, teach, and guide in a democratic and healthy learning environment.

If you see me around campus I will be actively engaged with our amazing students by teaching a lesson about soil nutrients in our lush vegetable and herb garden, dissecting chicken wings when studying muscles, or perhaps even doing a STEAM lesson using recyclable materials. Learning comes alive in our classroom. I love teaching at St. Mary’s and the students are the heart of the program. It has been extremely rewarding to guide our students on their educational journey and I am proud to be their teacher!


Jessica Roffe, Employment Specialist – Email – Phone: 617-436-8600 ext. 447

About Me: I’ve learned that career development is a practice of taking advantage of every opportunity, applying what you know, and creating your own path in life. That’s why my passion is working with adults who are committed to creating a better life for themselves and their families. My job is to provide consistent encouragement and support with the goals that you choose for yourself. As an Employment Specialist, I can help identify personal strengths and challenges, access resources, and work through barriers related to childcare, housing, transportation, balancing work and family, education, and employment history. For five years I worked with service-learning programs and peer leadership programs in Massachusetts and New Jersey, which showed me that we learn best when engaging with real-life issues and the world around us. When I’m not at work I enjoy reading anything I can get my hands on, volunteering, and experimenting with new recipes in my kitchen.

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